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“My art is an expression overflowing, of how I perceive the world. The pallet is usually colorful and with uncontrollable ways, that are merged into an uncontrollable world of organic forms. Thank to my Pre-Hispanic heritage, coming from a fully cultural rooted country, my work shows lively and energetic, strong and obsessive. Looking at a world, that it is full of nuances and changes, my focus comes from inner feeling about life. Through a journey of learning path, my work conveys self-discovery and evolution, communicating to the viewer, my personal viewing and perception of the world around me; quieting mind, and carrying my ideals trough colors and shapes, eluding conformity and traditionalism”.


“I am an artist because I was born to be one. I couldn’t live if I wasn’t one. I am alive because I paint. It feeds my soul. My motive to paint is to live and to express every moment of my life and the simple fact of being alive”.

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